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Gloria García-Cuadrado

CEO Nano Satellites

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Theoretical Physicist and Master in Space Business by the International Space University (ISU), she is the founder and driving force behind the project. She brings all her experience as research team leader (CTAE) and Cluster Director (BAiE) to this enterprise, along with the vision of the whole project timeline and goals.

She firmly believes a new economy of space has to be developed for the benefit of all.
Garcia-Cuadrado is a Theoretical Physicist who graduated from the Physics Faculty of the University of Barcelona; Master in Theoretical Physics; and Diploma in Space Studies, specialization in Space Business and Management, by the International Space University in California (U.S.A). She has been a researcher at the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia; Head of Human Space Flight and Advanced Concepts at the Aerospace Research & Technology Centre; and she has also been General Director of the Aerospace Cluster of Catalonia, gathering more than 80 Enterprises, University, Technology Centers and Government, devoted to enhancing the aerospace industry. Garcia-Cuadrado has taken part in many professional Symposia and Congresses and has also published in many professional journals. She is also deeply convinced of the need and the benefits of promoting science to the general public and is a passionate advocate for science education is always actively engaged in this area and has been scientific director of many science programs for Spanish Television and other media.



  • Master in Theoretical Physics, Physics Faculty of Barcelona - Theoretical Physics, 2000 - 2002
  • Diploma in Space Studies - Space Business Management, 2002
  • Bachelor in Physcis, Physics Faculty University of Barcelona, 1996 - 2000